One and Done

A thought came to mind recently of the term “One and Done”. Knowing that I had heard the term before but unsure of its actual meaning. I proceeded to look it up to find the following; One and Done is the rule effectively mandated that players spend at least one year in college. That High school players who would otherwise have jumped directly into the … Continue reading One and Done

Creating The Life You Want in 2015 ………….

It is soon to be 2015 and for many of us with the dawning of a New Year comes the setting of new goals and New Year resolutions. If we are honest with one another, we can admit that a couple of those goals/resolutions are new, a few might even be unrealistic but the majority is carried over un-reached from the previous year. Convinced that … Continue reading Creating The Life You Want in 2015 ………….

A Season of Choice – Happy Thanksgiving (Re-posted)

With this being the season of Thanksgiving, I found it most fitting to share just one thing that I am thankful for. Although a bit non- traditional, I find myself most thankful for the freedom of choice. Having the freedom to choose has led me on paths far and wide. As the years have gone by, I’ve tried many things in the way of relationships, … Continue reading A Season of Choice – Happy Thanksgiving (Re-posted)