Author  * Consultant * Facilitator



Mission: TO “Transform minds through the power of written and spoken words”. 

Mode/Method: As an Author, Consultant and Facilitator. 

As a Social Worker Janie has over 10 years of experience in the education system and social services. She holds a Bachelors in Social Work from Benedict College, licensing at the Baccalaureate level and a Masters in Business Administration from Strayer University.

Janie possess a great wealth of knowledge and organizational wisdom gained from her work experience with such Fortune 500 companies as of Deloitte and Touche, Booz Allen Hamilton, Capital One and Boeing. 

Current Sessions include: “Regroup Session” for Individuals, Groups and Corporate Team settings…… Each stage developed with wholeness in mind.  

  • Stage 1 – Recognize: Fixed Mindsets, Negative or Stinking thinking that limits individuals, and/or team growth stifling corporate culture. 

  • Stage 2 – Re-wire: Re-trains the mind, shifting of corporate culture, re-shaping  teams for future growth.   

  • Stage 3 – Resume:  Returns the mind, individual, corporate culture and overall team to a place of productivity. 

To reach Janie click here Contact page.

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