Welcome to where we do all things to “Transform minds through written and spoken words.”  It is our hope that the information we offer will not only assist you in connecting with your purposeful path but most of all in discovering your predestined identity.

Identity is the distinguishing character or personality of an individual.  Be aware that your identity is complex and that it continues to develop over time. It comes from your experiences, your different roles in life, your choices, and your genes. Even people, places, things, ideas and other personalities contribute to your Identity. 

We have enough John/Jane Doe’s in the world, don’t be another unknown statistic! Fight for your right to know who you are and here is where you begin – Transformation! Our messages, information and materials exist to transform body, mind and soul – impacting spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of your life.

This website was developed by Janie an author, a consultant and workshop Facilitator. Janie loves what she does and it is her passion and purpose to share it with the world.  YOU ARE THE WORLD!

Please do leave us a comment or send us a message as to how you were inspired from all that we have provided here.   

Thank you for visiting and happy soul-searching.

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