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Manifesting What it is You (Really) Want?

Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of of the thirty-second president Franklin Roosevelt, was described as outspoken person, she was an admired leader who made lasting contributions to the welfare of humanity. Having fought for the rights of workers, children, women, the oppressed and poor. Eleanor is… Continue Reading “Manifesting What it is You (Really) Want?”

It’s The Look Back For Me….

As an athlete (track and field participant) I ran the third leg of the 4×400 Relay in both high school and at the college level. As long as I can remember, my coaches always trained us not to look back while running our races.… Continue Reading “It’s The Look Back For Me….”

She Loves Me, HE Loves Me Not

Once again it is the season of celebrating love and within the next 24 hours there will be a frenzy of last minute gifts being bought…..but have we learned anything as of yet? Anything about what valentine’s day really represents or better yet how… Continue Reading “She Loves Me, HE Loves Me Not”

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