Five Tips for Vision Casting


Question: What does vision mean to you? Does it mean how you see, as in 20/20 eyesight? Where are you going?

Answer: vision is the catalyst for determining the right direction. Rather than just a dream or a far-reaching, unattainable goal, vision is a realistic picture of what you want to create and the impact of that effort. It’s also a reflection of your values, why your vision exists and what it will become in the future.

If a vision is to be attained, it must be shared by everyone pertinent to the vision.

Equip them with the purpose to achieve it, the effort will not be enough.

That vision could be something quite grand and inspiring or might be something as simple as a quarterly goal.


Details are not necessary, but clearly identifying and communicating that vision to others is.

Not only is establishing your vision the first step, it’s also the most important function for achieving it.

Announce your intentions, create a destination that is challenging yet realistic, and a set timeline for achieving it.


While you have a firm understanding of what your vision is, allow others to give feedback, help shape the process and fully develop it. Doing this provides a sense of ownership for everyone involved, thereby increasing their desire to help your vision become realized. Make your vision theirs…….


Vision gives significance to the otherwise meaningless details of our lives.

Incorporate the benefits of using your product or area of expertise with your vision to achieve the greater good.


A broad vision captures the big picture, it takes the combined efforts of many different individuals to realize it, therefore; increasing productivity and efficiency.


Distractions and setbacks are bound to happen. To prevent them from thwarting your efforts, remind yourself of the vision on a regular basis.

Encourage positive steps taken in the right direction and recognize individuals for making them.

Source: Bible Habakkuk 2:2-4 – – “Write The Vision, And Make It Plain Upon Tables”……..

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